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Bonus Course 

History of Supplier Diversity 

Supplier Diversity is an evolving set of processes that has grown over decades. And because the practice has grown in size and scope, it is easy to miss or overlook some of its roots. This course explores the history of supplier diversity and its origins in minority business development.


Course 1 - Strategic Vision

By creating a strategic vision, organizations are able to strate-gically plan and develop a path to get to their future goals, and thus making their vision become reality. The same is true for you as a supplier diversity practitioner. You have to plan to make your vision become a reality for your organization.


Course 2 - Process Design

Process design in supplier diversity involves determining the workflow, technology, and implementation requirements for diversifying the supply chain. Practitioners typically use a number of tools including flowcharting, process simulation software, and scale models to define and explain the process. Under-standing these tools are essential.

Course 3 - Developing An Impactful Supplier Diversity Steering Committee

Having a second set of eyes to monitor the quality of your supplier diversity initiative is important. Having other executives to provide advice grows ownership of the results. A Steering  Committee 

provides support, guidance, and oversight of your results.

Course 4 - Leveraging the Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity assessments are used to identify opportunities and risks associated changing the value chain so that your organization can understand the future state prior to building or expanding your supplier diversity initiative.

Course 5 - Establishing an Impactful 2nd-Tier Program (Part 1)

With a Tier 2 initiative, your prime suppliers are required to create  their own supplier diversity initiative and report diverse spend.  As Tier 2 strategies mature,  they provide opportunities for diverse suppliers to build capacity.

Course 6 - Establishing an Impactful Second Tier Program (Part 2)

With a Tier 2 initiative, your prime suppliers are required to create  their own supplier diversity initiative and report diverse spend.  Compiling a second tier spend report requires an understanding of direct and indirect spend concepts.

Course 7 - Game-Changing Capacity Building Strategies

Capacity building refers to those activities that fortify the knowledge, abilities, skills, and behavior and processes by which a company can efficiently (and profitably) meet its mission and goals in a sustainable way.

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